Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Plan

So here’s the plan for the yard. Our house is the big grey box. We’re gonna put down brick pavers around the house and where the garage used to be, the upper right corner. We’re gonna put up a carport once we get a new gate. The white stars are where the garden outlets will be. The green squares are grass areas. The one behind the house will have a swing/slide/sandbox set and hide a rain water tank. The pink circles will be fruit trees. The black, yellow and brown squares are the recycling: paper; plastic and metal; bio; and everything else.

This was the plan a few months ago. We wanted to cover the slab for the old garage with grass and border the property with shrubs and bushes. We also wanted to build a garage in the front of the property.

The new plan is better because we will make use of the cellar now as a mud room. Currently our front bench does that. I have to undress the kids and shake out all of the sand from school in front of our neighbors. Now all of the dirt will be trapped downstairs. Also, we don’t have to worry about trying to grow grass over the concrete slab, the garage foundation.
This was the old plan front view. Now we plan to change bars to something prettier and cover the brick in stucco, a much cheaper option than cutting into the wall.

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