Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chocolate for Upset Stomach

Last week, a stomach virus ran through JJ's daycare class. He had to come home after 2 hrs because of the 3 loose stools he had. I had a whole day of work planned that was now scraped for 2 needy soon as Jazz saw me she had to come home too.

Mr. S wondered why the kids were home so soon and he recommended chocolate. I'm thinking, "Ok, Mr. S. you may know everything about engines and houses and Germany, but I don't want my babies running around like crazy people." Only friends give them candy. I guess he read my face and specified pure cacao, not milk chocolate. I thanked him and went into the house. An hour later, I ran out of diapers.

While at the store, I got more diapers and 85% dark chocolate, just in case. My babies were more than happy to try out this experiment. They each ate two squares. Then we went to watch The Incredibles. Amazingly, the movie ended with JJ still in the diaper he wore to the store!!

I gave JJ another square with breakfast the next morning before school. He stayed the whole day without a problem. Mr. S was at my house by the time I came back home from dropping the kids at school and thanked him again. He explained further that the chocolate should be as pure as you can stand and not to over do it...constipation is the worst.

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