Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Olive Oil Soap

Being concerned about the Phthatlate controversy, I stopped using baby products. Thankfully, Jazz never ate ready-made baby food. I just would blend table food, I think that's why she loves veggies today. She also didn't take to a pacifier either. She was breastfed until she was 14 months and slept with us until she was 20 months. Then came JJ. Hubby took both children to Prague for the weekend when he was 11 months. He didn't put up too much fuss about missing my milk and bed so we ended both.

The hard thing was finding a replacement for the baby wash and shampoo. Hubby used the shampoo, along with the children, and we all used the wash. I was raised using bar soap. I remember getting in trouble for biting chunks out of the bars. I looked everywhere for real soap, not beauty or cream bars, real soap. I also wanted the soap to be free of perfumes, artificial colors, and animal products. JJ has sensitive skin.

Olive Oil Soap was the answer. The packaging includes a sticker to close a piece of celophane. Because I survived a childhood of soap eating, I felt confident that my kids would be too. Within a week their skin was fantastic. JJ's bumps were gone and Jazz was baby soft again. What's really crazy is that both Hubby and I are better too.

I use it for everything. No more acne, no more dry spots and NO MORE DANDRUFF!!! I liquified a bar and added essential oils...boom shampoo. I just use the bar now that the dandruff is gone.

The only downside, if it is one, is I have to clean the shower more frequently. Soap binds dirt so it can be washed away with water. All the dirt can stick to the shower or tub if one doesn't take a contious step to rinse the tub or shower after use.

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