Monday, July 27, 2009


After seeing Marley & Me, movie about a Labrador and his master, my hubby and I have wanted a pet. I didn't grow up with any animals, but he grew up with a cat. It gets cold here and I can't imagine walking a dog in the winter. Cats are moody and we have plenty that visit our yard on a daily basis.

Since accepting my life as a SaHM, I've been reading alot about how best to manage a household. Lots of the blogs I've been reading talk about being self sufficient and living an organic lifestyle. The cheapest way to do that is to grow and raise one's own food. I actually have the space to do this.

Next year, we will plant some fruit trees and berry bushes. We will also grow a variety of herbs and veggies as well. One of the things of a successful garden is compost, a nutrient rich soil additive. Its basically decomposed plant material. Once our yard is done, it will be easy to put the compost system next to our garbage.

Several of the ladies have chickens. The hens are usually raised from chicks. They normally don't get roosters because they are noisey and don't produce eggs. From the accounts I've read hens make good pets. They have distinct personalities and are quite entertaining. I'm really looking into setting up a coop next year. I hope I'm zoned for it.

I gotta do something. My hormones are telling me to get pregnant again. Every baby I see melts my heart. I know better not to get pregnant again anytime soon.

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