Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perfect Pitch at 3

So my dear m-i-l sent me this article on children learning perfect pitch:
"elusive musical gift could be at children's fingertips" I'm thinking "I'm a music teacher, I can do this."

I couldn't get paid enough to do this with other people's children.

When we sit down, Jazz and JJ attack the piano like crazy people. The Japanese music teachers obviously drug their students in the beginning to get started.

Tuesday was the 2nd day and Jazz sung One on middle C when she heard a C Major chord. I was pretty pleased that when I played the Four, she tried to sing One and was all over the place. She knew that something was different. Next Monday, we'll start the F major chord and call it Four. Because I don't have flags, I had her hold up one finger. I knew the lesson was done when she started using the middle. I gotta keep the lessons short and only do them after a nice full meal. JJ just likes to bang on the keys and claps, "Bravo!" I'm sure that because he's only 19 months old, he'll have all of the chords and pitches as fluently as his German and English by the time he is 3.

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